city name,
dearest XXXX,
                     Well and wish to hear the same from you,dear.Is everything fine there? I  hope your grades have improved.
                   Last week ,I read a book gifted to me by my cousin.Its name was,  'The Island Of The Blue Dolphins'.WOW! It was such an amazing story.One fact that made the book interesting was that,the hero of this book is a 15 years old girl.It is the story about Karana,a girl left alone in an island The struggles she faces ,the inventions she makes and her fearless fights with wild dogs are all amazing.The facts used in this book is for educative purpose.I learnt many new things which I could have never imagined. Wait,do you heard of devil fishes or do you ever know that their meat is the sweetest of all?
                It is a 'million copies sold' book.Indeed it is.If you ever get a chance of visiting a western book exhibition,look for this will discover a new world.
               Convey my concerns to all.
                                                                               yours lovingly,