I can find a true hero within myself by being mannered and helpful.i will do good things which will make my country and me proud.i can do helpful things everyday like if i see a an object that doesn't belong to as like a purse lying on road or somewhere i can return it to police station instead of taking it. By doing this i am helping the person who lost it and even showing honesty. And we already know honesty is the best policy. we can even do more help by helping elders and making everyone happy. If my friend or someone else is in trouble i should always be ready to help them. If i am mannered i can do many things from making others learn manners to making a country proud.If i am well mannered everyone will like me and my behavior and i would be surrounded by lots of friends.heroism doesn't mean that kicking,hitting and fighting with villeins heroism means to help others with a true heart.Heroism means to face danger for others and not oneself
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