The renal arteries pump blood into the kidneys.our kidneys have billions of nephrons in it ,which is the structural and functional unit of the has glomerulus,a filterig ends in bowmans capsule.from there,the filtrate reaches the uriniferous tubules.then the collecting  ducts. the collecting ducts open into renal pelvis and then the ureter. for a diagrammatic sketch, refer std10 book

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The tubular fluid in our body, which contains water and other dissolved chemicals flows through the tubule. Then the substances that are needed by our body are absorbed by the cells where these substances included amino acid, glucose and 99% of water which goes forward to rejoin blood in the capillaries. If the substances don’t absorb in the tubule, these are the wastes. On the other hand, the wastes are stashed into the tubular fluid. Then these substances like, urea, uric acid and even excessive water make up urine.