1.wool fibre is made up of (a) proteins (b) carbohydrates (c) fats (D)vitamins 2.what is the inferior quality of silk? 3. what is the natural mineral fibre? state tru or false-: 4. silk fibre is chemically a protein differentiate between the following-: 5. fleece and hair 6. natural and synthetic fibres 7. silk and wool 8. plant and animal fibres short answer questions-: 9. name the major wool producing countries? 10. how is the quality of wool determined? 11. what are the 3 grades of silk produced?




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Firstly, wool fibre is made up of proteins.
Secondly, the statement is true that silk is chemically a protein.
Thirdly, the major wool producing countries are China, Australia, US, New Zealand.
Fourthly, the fleece is a small piece of hair and hair is long and strong.