Before mining can begin, the land is cleared. The first issue is deforestation. Deforestation immediately destroys wildlife habitats. As the land is cleared and low bushes and vegetation burned and destroyed, wildlife either moves on or dies. Deforestation affects the nesting habits and migratory patterns of birds, as well as the pollination of flowers and edible plant life. It destroys the homes of valuable insect life as well. The process of turning CO2 into oxygen cannot take place. In any eco-system, life is dependent on the whole sum of its parts. When a tree falls in a forest, it is immaterial if someone hears it or not. What is important is that its loss can have an immediate, profound, and very visible effect on the survival of other life in, around, and near it.

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Mining can affect our environment in the following ways:
These activities result in deforestation.
Mining is dangerous for health for the miners who are working in the unsafe places and in underground.
The mining can cause lung problems because of toxic materials.
It can also have negative effect on our environment due to garbage that extract.