social and economic inequalities: differences still exist in the name of caste and  religion.female foeticide and dowry related quarrels remains unsolved even now. the gap b/t rich and poor is widening.
illiteracy:a major part of indian pop. is composed of illliterates.this prevents them from effectively participating in governing process.
terrorism:terrorist organizations endanger the life and survival of innocent people.they destroy peaceful life in short, functioning and survival of state is threatened.the very foundation of democratic sys. remains challenged.
increasing pop.
:it is one of the reasons for poverty,unemployment and problems at healthcare sector.obstructs the attaining of goal of welfare mesures leading to economic inequality.
regional imbalance:some of the states orrisa,bihar,jharkand and chattisgarh are underdeveloped and states like goa,kerala etc.. are developed.this regional imbalance causes many prob.s

more than those mentioned above, secessionism,casteism,communalism and linguistic chauvinism are also challenges faced by Indian democracy.

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- It involves bringing down the existing non-democratic regime.
- To keep away the military from the government.
- The challenge of expansion is always present.
- To apply the basic principles of democratic government.
- The strengthening of institutions is there.
- The formation of pressure groups.
- The intolerant practices can increase.