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brain have three types
forebrain hindbrain and midbrain
cerebrum,thalamus and hypothalamus
cerebral cortex
white matter
cerebral cortex contain:
motor areas, sensory areas, association areas. midbrain : cerebellum,pond,medulla oblongata

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The brain helps us to think and coordinates with other functions of our body. It is a part of the nervous system which has three parts:

1. Fore-brain: It is further consisted of;

- Cerebrum: this part consists of thought and action process.
- Hypothalamus: it is responsible for the pituitary gland like, thirst and hunger.
- Thalamus: it is responsible for the sleep and consciousness.

2. Mid-brain: It consists of tectum and tegmentum, which controls the auditory and visual system.

3. Hind-brain: It is further consisted of;

- Cerebellum: the cerebellum is responsible for the movement, posture and balance.
- Pons: the arousal, sleep and the passage of sensory information between cerebrum and cerebellum is included.
- Medulla: it controls the salivation and vomiting.