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You have to be very much serious about your subject and study harder and make a aim and concentrate on it and try crack your tests .

english-hornbill,snapshots,novel as it said by school
ip-if you have taken
these are the textbooks
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yar jara ye bhi bta do ki cbse 11 mai kon kon si books hai
Guy its very difficult to decide what to do and what not to do at this point of life its neccessary to focus on one thing and not to take too many tensions on mind as it can lead to remove ur focus on studies... I can hardly recommend u that u should atleast meditate for 7 mins daily as it helps a persons mind to gain stability doing so u can highly focus on ur study without any tensions ...believe me it will me
thnx ranbir
Ur wlcm
As you have taken commerce you should give more attention to b.k 
subject because it is very important 
as in other subject like economics you have to understand the concept of it 
if you have taken maths please give special attention to it because it's difficult 
so , all the best
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