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Having a big mouth has its own set of merits & depends upon how one uses it?

If I keep it shut, I'll have people's trust but having such a big mouth will go to a waste then. 
If I open it up too much, People wont trust me and I might become an anti-social or a total social bird! 

So I guess the path to follow is to "Weigh the words in my heart, before bringing it outta my mouth, and use my 'big' mouth to make it loud and clear"
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i would lyk 2 cite an eg-if i committed to complete a major assignment today as tomorrow is due date for submission and although i go out and chillout with frnds then it would be a demerit and though my words will go waste
this is an eg
hope it helps
Everyone should have a identity. For a good  Identity we should have a big mouth. I meant that we should speak a little more.When we are speaking more and more, no one would forget us in their life. Speak more and more for good memory of us in the life of others. 
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do u know of any story when a big mouth could set its merits and demerits ???