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Future of environment :-
Future is merely based on prediction so as the future of environment cannot concluded. With the overriding indulgence of technology in all spheres of life, the future of environment is just a blank space. We have already stepped towards making quality and pure air ourselves! There is a wide variety of air purifiers available in market. But in reality the growing population hails hurdles in the path of securing our environment. Over the decade large number of trees were cut. This has created a drift in the ecological balance too. Similarly we can foresee the condition of environment when the population of world will exceed! But still the conclusions can't be made as technology and awareness in the people will only decide the future of environment. When the urge to save tress descend in minds of people or when it becomes a lust in the mind only then we can assure a healthy bloomy environment. Such awareness have crept in minds of people. We see some of the biggest cities in world supporting their environment. They have built the architecture in collaboration with the nature. Tress are found on the building tops these days! Thus we can only dream and visualize the nature in future as a technological collaborative element.
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