You see a lot of handbills and posters sticking on public property like over bridge traffic light post office and walls as election are round the corner this spoils the beauty of your city and looks unpleasant discuss with your patner to solve this problem



This is really a very bad habit nowadays. Where ever they want they stick handbills and posters on public properties they don't even realise their mistake that actually it is spoiling their city's beauty and also it very unpleasant to see. they can solve this problem by adding their posters in newspapers, in internet and in many sites and many more things this will save the city from becoming dirty and also the city will more beautiful.
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It is a very bad habits to paste handbills especially on public areas where u are not allowed to put.iIf these were saw by the police the who has pasted these hand bills will be arrested.
so we should not put handbills on public areas as it spoils the beauty of that city or town.
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