A dream is a series of thoughts and events which are in our mind usually while we are asleep but the definition of dream according to this essay should be a thing which we want to be happened in real. We can dream of being anything like a doctor, a teacher, an artist, a dancer, a singer, an athlete and many more. We can do anything for making these dreams come true.

Sitting idle and not working will never make these dreams come true. We need to work very hard for making these dreams come true. We need to start practicing and our focus should be very strong. It should be so strong, that no one can ever destroy it. We need to put a lot of concentration and dedication for achieving our goals. Dreams are just like destinations. They needs to be reached by taking any track but the track should definitely be a right one. We should never try to harm others just to fulfill our dreams. We should be fair to all else our dreams would not be a valid one.

So, stop sitting idle, just wake up and start working hard for achieving your loved dreams or goals.

                                        “self help is the best help"  

Self help mean helping yourself when you need help ad not depend on some else in your difficult times.helping yourself in times of need is said to be the best help as god also helps those who helps themselves and not just depend on others for help.  

Continuation:   People of this world has become truly very selfish.almost no one in this world is left helpful.only one person is there and that is god.he is always there for helping us.but ,he does not help those who cannot help themselves.he is always ready to help those who knows how to help themselves.  


We can only help people if we can help , have that much of courage to help your self in times of need to get help from god.


                                        " Time is precious"

time :the definition of time is quite difficult .but let me try,time is something that we measure in seconds,minutes and hours.we can know the time by using a wall clock or a wrist watch.

what does the word precious  mean?

if we say that some thing or some one is precious , then we mean that the thing or the person is very valuable and should not be waster or thrown easily.

"time is precious" :

we all know this that time is very valuable.a point of time when passes can never come back is a lesson for all of us that we should never waste time and enjoy and utilize each and every moment of our life.


friendship is a very precious relationship in all our lives.this is just like a very sensitive needs a lot of trust to be maintained.

who are our friends?
this question is not so difficult to be answered.we all know that whoever spends time with us , he or she is our friend
But , a very complicated question , i would like to ask.

who are true friends?
so guys let be give a elaborated definition of this question.true friends , are very rare indeed very difficult to found one.we may never found a true friend as well.this is possible but i think we all should have a true friend in our life.true friend is the friend who can make us cry by telling a truth but will never make us smile by telling a lie.he or she will always be there with you in your hard ties.according to me this is the actual definition of true friends.

friends , are very catchy.they feel very bad when we hurt hem,our friendship may break as , we should always take care of this sensitive flower and do our best to maintain this relationship.