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 good ******** xxxxxxxx ,
today i want to pass a useful message to
every citizen.we know that tiger is our
national is also called big cat.
it is time to think about the big we
know the tigers are disappearing day by avoid this an immediate action is
required.imagine a world or at least a
forest without would be very
difficult.tigers are an integral part of this
ecosystem and they are the major part of
the food chain.for this some immediate
actions should be taken in order to save
our national animal.steps like arresting the
people who are harming the tigers etc.should
be followed.penalty should be levied in a
high range for them.of course we can't bring
the killed animal back with money but there
will be at least some change in the people's
mind about the,let's try our level
best to save our national animal.
if we can't save the tigers how do we expect
to save ourselves?

xxxxxxx- respected listeners or as per the situation.
********* - morning /evening /afternoon

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Hi students! Project Tiger! 

The project tiger was launched in 1973-1974, known as the most successful projects. The main aim of this project is to maintain the population of tiger properly. The population of tigers in India is 40,000 far better than the consensus of 1972. 

The basic principles of the project are; 

- There should not be any exploitation by the humans. 
- A facility of the ecosystem should be there. 
- The proper research on wildlife.