10 examples of the Law of Inertia are: -when you are in a moving car and the brakes are applied all of the sudden
-when you open a window
-when you put a pillow on the bed
-when you move a cup
-when you put a notebook on the table
-when you blow on the leaves
-when you tickle a person
-when you open a zipper
-when you move a chair
-when you ride a bicycle

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Falling from a moving vehicle, means the lower body is in touch with the ground stops, bu he upper body continues to move due to inertia.

Inertia of rest means that the things remain in their place when not moved.

Satellites move in space due to inertia of motion.

A stone thrown in space due to inertia of motion.

A car continues to move forward for sometime even when it is stopped due to inertia.
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