Digital revolution is helping india till a great extent.its not only helping in urbanization but also for education in rural parts of the a days every school has a digi class room i.e education through visual demonstration.This is reducing the burden on teachers and increasing the knowledge of students.
digital revolution in our India is bringing many changes in all aspects like education, urbanization, industrialization and even the reducing poverty in our country India. our country would really be shining among the other countries with its development and would even stand in the first place one day. our countries development is becoming more and more because of the digital revolution and even I would thank all the people who contribute for our country'sĀ development that too with the digital technology. many main cities in our country like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata are turning into international cities now and even the places near these cities are developing like never seen before. digital revolution is an plus point for our country and it is rapidly emerging in our India.