right to education is an important right for every child who is under 14 and will be getting free education in the government schools if they cant afford for the higher quality and even the children who are below the poverty line. many children wont be getting education because of this poverty and many other reasons to ensure that they would education until their 10 at least the government had made this right to education law and even get good education.
Education is something that is most important in one's life. it helps you in every stage of life. when you join a new school a test is taken so that they know where you stand. when you join a university they need your marksheet. when you are going to get married they need to know where you stand. so education is all about your standard. it is very important in one's life and everyone should have a right to education. people dont send their daughters to school as they think that it is a waste of money and after marriage they will leave home and go so there is no need for them to study. but they should understand that girls are the future and everyone has the right to education

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