i will do something gud that can make me ay nation and family proud of me and 4 dat  i need life skills in me
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Discover the hero within yourself. You are lively hero. If you can't be a tree, just be a bushel, but the most lively bushel, at the side of the rill.
Thus, one should discover the hero within themselves.
First of all, I thought useless. Useful for nothing. But after coming to Brainly, I'm helping to many people in their homeworks. This may seem to be a little, but it is a great help for the people, who are in that much needy.

To discover the hero within myself, I started with my hobbies. One's interests is the one, which shows them, in which field they are well, and good. My hobbies helped me to find the hero within myself. This helped me to develop myself, to sustain in the world; and, to be the best in my field. 
This, everyone can discover the hero within themselves very easily, and which is necessary.
Conclusion:- Everyone are the sun in their own solar system. 

Thank you. :)
Hope this will help you. :)
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