First of all a female silk moth lays hundreds of eggs.
a caterpillar comes out of the egg and starts feeding on leaves of that tree.
it vigorously grows in size until it is ready for the pupal stage.
a silk fibre comes out of the mouth of the caterpillar and it spins itself into a cocoon.
the moth grows inside the cocoon.
after few says, the cocoon breaks and a adult moth comes out.
again this process repeats.

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The life history of silk moth starts when a female silk moth lays eggs on the leaves of mulberry. It ends when pupa enters into the adult stage and emerges out of the cocoon as a silk moth. After the female moth lays eggs, the eggs, sometimes hatch into larvae, which is known as caterpillars or silkworms. When that caterpillar grows, it starts weaving a net around and then moves its head from one side to another. During is the caterpillar made fibre of silk and continues to spin silk known as cocoon. Further, the process of pupa stage starts when pupa enters into the adult stage.