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Physical : bluish white lustrous metal. it is brittle at ambient temperature. but is malleable at 100to150degree c . its a reasonable conductor of electricity. the density is 7.140g/ml which means the metal will sink in water
atomic no:30
atomic mass:65.37g.mol-1
electronegativity according to pauling:1.6
density:-420degree c
boiling point:-907*c
ionic radius:-0.074nm(plus2)
electronic shell-[Ar]3d1045s2standard potential-0.763

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 Have a look at the physical and chemical properties of Zinc.

Physical properties:
Density = 7.11 g/cc
M.P = 692 K
B.P = 1180 K

Chemical properties:
At. No = 30
At. Mass = 65.38
Electronic config. = 2,8,18,2
Electronegativity = +1.6