Mahatma Gandhi is the role model to lead india to bring freedom.he not only led India but also he led africa.most of the freedom fighters were trying to bring freedom through the way of violence but this great personality choosed the way of non-violence.since his childhood he commited many mistakes but he felt happy with it because he learned something new through his mistakes.After returning from africa he led many moments against he was an attorney he never went against the law for bringing freedom.

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Gandhi developed his techniques with the passage of time by ensuring that his actions made an impact. The first movement was non-cooperation movement, which was officially started as the Gandhian era in India. It was aimed to aware the Indians by the fact that the British government can be opposed. He further took off his another nonviolent movement, known as Civil Disobedience movement that aimed at bringing the British administration to a stop by withdrawing support from everything. Further he also launched other movements and programs for freedom.