ongitudes/latitudes and isometric/isobaric ground pressures.. 
also proximity to water bodies .all these matter.... 
indian climatic zone is tropical evergreen and tropical deciduous i think,believe.. 
the thar desert of north is literally a desert like the sahara of Africa. 
Hottest hotty in summer and coolest cooly in winters.. 
Western ghats / Vindhyas are typiclly rainy zones also chirrapunji due to bay of bengal current system- think.,, 
The Arabian sea , The Indian Ocean ( named after our country / only country in the world with this privledge) and the Bay of Bengal water bodies and atmospheric pressure affect climates in our country.. 

imagine antarctica - ice continent - ( 3 times indian sizey) - so big and just less than few number humans there...........(the iniuts and occasional international explorers )--
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The world’s available freshwater supply is not evenly distributed throughout the world, due to wide variations in seasonal and annual precipitation.
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