Your friend has health problem but does not share or explain this to his or her teacher or classmate .
He/she is often absent from school and is not able to perform school and is not able to perform will in exams .
ФHow could you help your friend ,what step could be taken to deal this , outside schools ?



Encourage and motivate him to tell this problem to his parents and teachers. Tell him to visit a doctor.Tell him that his health is very much important. Make him feel comfortable by talking to him seriously and politely. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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Firstly we should go to his/her home. Enquire what had happened to him/her from parents. Then by taking the patient's and parent's permission go to his/her room make him/her cool down and feel him/her comfortable that you are capable for him/her. then ask him/her what is the problem, try your level best to help and take him/her out of all the quires and feel him/her comfortable.   
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