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for making school a happy place,
 first of all, be humble and nice with everyone.- try to act kindly and help everyone so that others like you and they will certainly behave nicely with you and make your moments special.
respect your teachers and friends and talk nicely.- if you respect others, then only others are going to value you. to make you feel special and lovable and this will be a great pleasure for you and all.
be obedient.- by being obedient and listening others, we make them happy, and so we become.
 and most important, put your mind mainly in studies and always so everywork sincerely. if we are all rounder then everyone will like us and we will be spending a good and happy time in school.- by being good in studies and achieving well ranks, we become happy and satisfied as others become happy by us.
 sometimes we should enjoy also, and take part in co-curricular activities for our happiness and fun.- for being happy, have fun in school by participating in different activities and enjoying with friends.
 and last but not the least, keep smiling.-  if we smile, we get a positive energy within ourself. it also makes others smile and so we become happy.

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school is place where everyone goes 4 education and fun with friends 4 a better learning to succeed in lyf..we should make a positive environment around us in school by making it a happy place. after all,the school years are the most memorable ones...i can make my school happy by motivating the ones who do not have courage,make ppl happy,tc of ppl
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We all know that school days are the most happiest time in our life. But most of the time we realize this only when we become older. Then we will miss our schooldays and childhood a lot than anything else. For making our schooldays a happiest time we could make some good an caring friends, in children and in teachers also. Our teachers blessings will always be there with us. We should try not to get more punishments , but then also a little bit of punishments are also a good thing only,, because