Good governance is an necessary element of durable development

is not deniable. It is the key stick of recent Economic growth and rapid social advancement achieved by the newly industrializing economies in East and South-East Asia. It has also altered postulates and shaped perspectives on development economics with some prominence being given to the so-called (East) Asian values and development-oriented governance or a “development State” as a positive force for economic growth and social transformation.

Human Rights is another burning issue now a days. The growing power of executive authorities sometime causes serious violation of Rights of human. Human right dealt with the rights that every human being routinely qualifies for at birth. These cannot be denied because of the color of one's skin, religion, age or other personal factors.

Sometime it seems that there are many contradictions between Good Governance and Human Rights, especially then the question of application is come. But in the book “Human Rights and Good Governance” edited by Hans-Otto Sano, an article “Good Governance: How Does It Relate to Human Rights?” the author shows that how they are related with each other, and sometime how they sometime cross their limit and harm each-other. But in the conclusion the author found that in practice actually the Good Governance strengthen human right. And also good human rights condition also helps to achieve the main goal of Goo
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Right to vote for our future