On the way of school for an exam i will see injured kitten it is badly hurt and needs medical attentions but i do not want to be a late for my exan people around it do nots seen to help him. what i will do? how i will handle conce quences? conversation between two person



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You can request someone to help the kitten in that situation and then also if no one helps the kitten, take the kitten to the school and ask the doctor in the school to help the kitten. This will definitely solve the problem and you'll be able to give your exam/assessment  too.
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Person 1 i had seen an injured kitten on the way and i had exams that day what should i do

person 2 you could have given it any of the people passing by

person 1 but these days the people are very cruel in what garuntee i can hand over the kitten to them

person 2 you can take it to hospital

preson 1 but i have exams

person 2 if you help that kitten it will be the good deed done by you and the school will appreciate it

person 1 yes it will be good

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