What does the word “hero” mean? 

Well, a hero is a real or mythical person of great bravery who carries out extraordinary deeds. It is not necessary that a hero has to be a boy. Both a boy and a girl can be a hero. 


We may not look like a hero from outside. Of course, we cannot wear special clothes just as we see in movies to make ourselves heroes. Now, the main thing is, hero is in everyone. Basically everyone in this world is a hero irrespective of their age, gender, clothes, religion, wealth, country etc. 

Now the question is how to discover the hero in myself: 

The answer is very simple. The only thing I should do is what I like to do. We should never do things which hurt me. This does not mean that I will stop studying as I feel bored to do so. Some things are needed to do to make the future better. I will always be ready to help needy people when they need help. This will take the hero out of me and expose it to the world. I should do something great in life. Great really does not mean great. Small deeds can also be made great. They just need to be done without any expectations. In this way, I am sure I will be able to discover the hero within me.
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What is the meaning of the word 'Hero':-

1-A hero is one (especially man) who is admired by people for doing something good or brave which is beneficial for other people.

2-The main male character in a story, novel, film/movie etc. but we are not concentrating on 2nd meaning

3-A person, especially a man, that you are admire because of a particular quality or skill they have.

Let's move forward:-

We are talking about the discovery of a hero within ourself.We should remember that we all have a hero inside us.Our prime minister is a hero but first he is a common man like us.He had also a hero inside him and he discovered it.So we also have to do this.Each and every human being in the world has a special quality.The hero is always available to philanthropy and public service. Deep sense of patriotism in the hero is filled. Development of the country requires that we approached him looking for the hero inside. Generate a blaze of his inner  determination and genuine hero of our minds be awakened .Let your inner motivation that such a hero like yourself start discharging their duty . Hegemony is a state of mind which enables a man's self extending its powerful and so he headed to work in the social welfare .

Discovering a hero within yourself:-

It is very simple to discover a hero within yourself we should do work with which the people can satisfy like helping the needy people,Cleaning your surroundings etc.Small deeds can also be made great. They just need to be done without any expectations.


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