First of all let me tell u u gave the question in a wrong subject...
but the pics of earthworm nd round worm are given below:
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Roundworms can infest the human gut, where they live, feed and reproduce. They don't often cause any symptoms, but are more likely to in large numbers.A roundworm infection – also sometimes known as ascariasis or ascaris. Roundworms are parasites. They use the human body to stay alive, feed and reproduce. 
An earthworm is a tube-shaped, segmented worm found in the phylum Annelida. They are commonly found living in soil, feeding on live and dead organic matter. Its digestive system runs through the length of its body. It conducts respiration through its skin.Earthworms are hermaphrodites—each individual carries both male and female sex organs. They lack either an internal skeleton or exoskeleton, but maintain their structure with fluid-filled coelom chambers that function as a hydrostatic skeleton. Earthworm" is the common name for the largest members of Oligochaeta
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