Irrigation is a very important factor m Indian agriculture. The farmers should not be left any longer at the mercy of rains. India has big resources of water, but at present, the bulk of this water moves about in ferocious floods causing great damage to life and property. This water has to be utilized properly. New canals should be dug out and tube wells should be bored in such a number that Indian farmers may -get sufficient water for irrigation in time.The importance of agriculture to our economy can hardly be over-emphasized. It is the most important source of raw materials to feed our industries It provides employment to about 70 percent of our total labour force. It contributes more than 40 percent to our total national income. And it is one of the major foreign exchange earners for our economy. But unfortunately, it does not .appear to be as sound as it should have been.
Indian farmers lack in initiative. They require guidance, mechanization, better seeds and fertilizers, technical education to farmers, sufficient means of irrigation equal distribution of land and the introduction of scientific methods will certainly revolutionize Indian agriculture. We must try to make agriculture attractive and remunerative for modern youths. It is by then that Indian agriculture ­ will be improved.

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