Being kind to someone can never be big or small instead it is very much great. Kindness is the most beautiful, helpful act ever done . Being kind to someone leads to great big help . So friends always be kind and do kind acts which help someone who is in trouble.
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It is true that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

there was an youngster and required money for his business deal and once he was sitting in park thinking where to get money from and then a man in white dress came to his, listened 2 his problem and signed a cheque of 1 crore and said return me my money after 1 month here only ....when the youngster checked the cheque it was name of famous personality and he became happy...the youngster with a boosted up energy went to his office and said that he will keep this cheque in cupboard and use his money onlyy...his deal was cracked and he went happily to return the cheque to that uncle by telling them he has not used  it...the uncle came and behind him a nurse and uncle was smiling bt youngster was baffled!!

nurse said that he is mad and lives in the pagal khana and signs cheques to ppl telling him is a famous personality and ppl become happy and motivated..he is doing good bt is total mad

listening this the youngster felt that small act of kindness can make a big difference
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