FUNCTIONS OF A FREE PRESS IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY ARE : 1.Press can help people in choosing their government. 2. A press should do it's work independently. 3. A press can help in investigations for tracing out the criminals. 4. A press can break any type of genuine news infront of public without any type of interference. 5. A press can make the people aware of their rights and responsibilities. 6. A press should be independent and responsible towards it's duties. 7. A press can strengthen the political party or demolise it. 8. A press can directly interact with people for knowing their reviews. 9. A press has a right to ask any genuine question without any sort of fear. 10. To be a free press it should be impartial, unprejudiced, fair, non-stereotype. 11. It should give an accurate information. ..........A press is much more effective than the media. A media can interact with people only through print media and electronic media while a press can interact with peiple directly. A press plays an important role in a democratic society because it has the power of taking people's opinions infront of government. A responsible press has a reputation of presenting the actual and accurate report infront of public. A fair press is regular in doing it's work.
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