Private Quelch, just another soldier in the platoon, who thought not so of himself; too much learned to be a student, he was called ‘The Professor’ by his mates.He had thorough knowledge about almost everything.He had an ambition to get commission in the army. He borrowed training and studied them till late in the night. He corrected the Sergeant and answered all his questions promptly and correctly. He gave an excellent lecture when asked by Corporal Turnbull. His salute at the pay table was a model to behold. The orderly officer praised him generously because Quelch kept his hut meticulously clean. He was tireless after long route marches and liked to sing. He surprised his colleagues by recognizing an aircraft by its harsh noise that others could not recognize.


Private Quelch is a man with a showy nature , an air of superiority and a lot of exhibitionism . His character irritates and infuriates his colleagues and superior officers . He was lanky, stooping and frowning through horn-rimmed spectacles . He was called as  'professor' by everyone because he used to teach others and those who had any doubts on any subjects would loose them  after having a five minutes conversation with him . His greatest ambition in the army was to get a commission . He worked had day and night to fullfil it. He always tried to impress his instructors and senior officers by his knowledge , promptness and smartness..

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