He shows courage in being able to make a sacrifice for his family.  He knows that it is dangerous and that he could be threatened with the elements around him.  Yet, he shows courage in embodying what he needs to do and is courageous in how he never flinches from his responsibility.  Another layer of courage is seen in how Baldeo fights the tiger.  He never runs away from the tiger.  Knowing that there is no escape, Baldeo stands tall and meets the challenge posed by the tiger in the most direct way possible.  The tiger attacks and Baldeo is waiting there to bring his axe down on the tiger. 

Tembu is grief-stricken on the third day, he takes up the job of his father, as he has to support his family but is no longer afraid of anything as he has his father's axe  with him and the blessings of the forest gods.

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