Norah Burke(Aug 2,1907-1976),a novelist and non-friction writer was born in Bedford ,England.She is known for her discription of life in India during the early half of the twelth century.Her father ,Redmond St.George Burke ,was a Forest Officer in Colonial India and consequently she came to India early in her life and stayed in India till the superannuation of her father in 1919.Her early life childhood was spent travelling through the Indian forests often on elephant back.Her autobiographical travel books are-Jungle Child (1956),,Eleven Leopards(1965),and Midnight Forests(1966).
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Nasira Sharma was born in Allahabad in 1948 .She hold a Master's Degree in Persian ,though she has a great hold in many languages such as Hindi,Urdu and English. Her published work include 'Saat Nadia Ek Samunder,Shaalmali,Zinda Muhavarey (novels);Sangsaar,Ibney Mariam Khuda Wapasi (Short stories)..Besides,she has to her credit a no. of translated books and television serials. 
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