Nasira Sharma, principal author of Hindi. 1, 9, 48, was born in Allahabad. He inherited literature. Persian language and literature in addition to MA in Hindi, Urdu, Persian, English, Pashto languages ​​have their grasp. He added the Iranian society and politics, literature, art and cultural subjects are experts. In 2008 for his novel Kuiyajan UK honor Hindi fiction writer.

Kritiya- ten-story anthology published so far, six novels, three collections of articles, seven books translated from Persian, 'Sarika' Special Punshc'ka Iranian revolution, the current literature of the female writing marks 'Kshitijpar' names Rajasthani stories edited by writers. "Where fountains weep blood known as' published a collection of Riportajon. Their stories yet, 'Return,' 'Srjhmin' and 'Shalmli known as' three TV serials and' mother ',' suffering, '' came the Spring Ski "," black siren "," Drkht of bombax 'and' Bavli called "six films produced for television.