'Christmas' is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus. It is celebrated on 25th December every year. It is the most important festivals of the Christians. Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in countries around the world. On this occasion great preparations are made by the Christians. All houses and churches are cleaned and white washed. The Christmas tree is decorated with artificial stars, lights, toys etc. on this day. At night candles and electric bulbs are lighted on its twigs. Santa Claus and other seasonal figures are held on this day. Any person disguised as Santa Claus distributes sweets among the children. Family reunions and the exchange of gifts are a widespread feature of the season. Cakes and puddings are set ved. Children get dressed in new clothes. Prayers are offered in churches.
Christmas is celebrated on every 25th december as jesus christ's birthday. it is a festival mainlyof the christians but it is celebrated worldwide by different religions together. it is said that at midnight santa claus...real name saint nicolas come and gift a present to the young kids and make them happy. on this day a christmas tree is decorated with a red sock for goodluck and sweets are distributed. christians go to the church for celebrations and many people keep parties at home

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