Hey now its not a question but general topic !!! why do some people watch boys and girls seperately .. in schools also even though in co ed .. this is happening ... whats the scientific reason !! I hate those people ..

For the scientific reason this question should be there In English subject..It could be in biology.. The realese of this and that hormones and all...
U have asked for scientific reason na thats why I said so..


It m8 b due to difference in their sensitivity level. coz girls r more sensitive than boys. 
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yup ths k .... but when girls and boys are best friends why do they point out .. my cousin sister is fcng this prblm
so sad u can ask her to complain about that if the torture in severe. if u dont want any conflicts regarding that then u can suggest her to change her school though its painful.
thank you dear for your solution <3 :)
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yeah wat she said is right
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Some peoples mindset is so that they see boy & girl as bf or gf. they cant accept that boy & girl can be best frnds. even if my bro is with me and my frnd doesnt know it they will take it in other way. It all depends upon what we think about boy & a girls relationship. And girls feel sometimes awkward with boys. And if a boy behaves in proper way with a girl the hirl will act as original as she is.
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Really grt answer buddy..!! :)
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