A term used to refer to any condition in which the body does not receive enough nutrients for proper function. Malnutrition may range from mild to severe and life-threatening. It can be a result of starvation, in which a person has an inadequate intake of calories, or it may be related to a deficiency of one particular nutrient (for example, vitamin C deficiency). Malnutrition can also occur because a person can not properly digest or absorb nutrients from the food they consume, as may occur with certain medical conditions. Malnutrition remains a significant global problem, especially in developing countries.

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A malnourished person, when find difficulty in their body like growing and resisting diseases is the malnutrition. In this, the physical work becomes problematic and learning abilities can be diminished. For pregnant women, this problem is risky and they can’t nourish much breast milk. If any person becomes malnourished despite the proper eating habits, it means that person is not getting the proper vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the under nutrition affects the school performance and studies and also causes women to give birth to the low birth-weight babies.