The United Nations Organisation (UNO) is the global international organisation It was established on 24 October 1945.
its objectives are:
1.Ensuring a greater coherence of views within the United Nations
2.Facilitating a more effective participation of developing countries in global processes
3.Achieving a better balance between the global and regional dimensions of development, in terms of analysis, norm and standard setting and technical assistance
4.Strengthening the linkages among the UN normative, analytical and operational work
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The United Nations UN is an international organization, which is formed to maintain international peace and security.
The objectives are:  
To recommend the admission of new states in UN.

To make recommendations for peaceful resolution.
To impose sanctions against the aggressor.

Security Council: It consists of 5 permanent members and 10 non permanent. It takes all the important decisions related to peace and war and it has also allowed World powers to wield authority and dominate the proceedings of the UN.