Your friend is good at English, history and geography. However, her parents feel she should continue to pursue science and become a doctor, even though she is not very good at science. Discuss with your partner what your friend can do to convince her parents and what career options she can pursue in the form of dialogue writing.



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A: hey! what do you think about her?
B: who?
A: the one to your left
B: oh! she?
A: yeah
B: why? what's the matter with her?
A: hey, don't you know what her parents suggest her to do?
B: no I don't know. tell me please.....
A: look..... her parents know that she is poor in science and good at english, history, and geography, but still they insist her to study science and become a doctor
B: oh..... I see. but that's not fair. they can't force her about her future. she has to choose her own ambition.
A: and so, she feels very upset nowadays
B: let's tell her to convince her parents know then
A: she isn't so slow like you. she tried convincing them.
B: oh then what did they say?
A: they directly refused her
B: oh then let's tell her to try again. do you remember - failures are the stepping stones to success
A: oh yes I do remember

They tell her to try again and encouraged her. she tried again and they ere still explaining her that she can become a doctor and earn a lot of money. she tried many times but there was no change. after a while her mom thought and said to her husband that her daughter was right. after talking for a long time, they realised their mistake and apologized her. she felt very happy and thanked both her friends.

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