The answer depends upon where you live or where you are going to travel. If you are going to travel to an area where there is malaria, then take an anti-malarial medicine which is specific against the type of local malaria parasite. Try to avoid being outside during the hours of sunrise and sunset when the mosquitoes bite most often. Use a mosquito repellent skin spray. Wear shirts with long sleeves. Sleep under mosquito repellent netting covers over the bed, ESPECIALLY for children under 5 years of age. Avoid standing g water pools of water where mosquitoes breed. Remove old vehicle tires if water collects inside the tire rims. In your area, try to destroy or remove breeding places for mosquitoes or have public spraying of breeding places by chemicals which destroy developing mosquitoes.
We should also use quinine which is an antimalarial drug
One of the main precaution you should take to check the spread of malaria is seeing that there is no stoppage of stagnant water anywhere around you it becomes a breeding place for the mosquitoes the garbage pilots should be clean often...