Beautiful more beautiful most beautiful Hard. Harder hardest Soft softer softest Cute cuter cutest Good better best Cool cooler coolest Happy happier happiest Dark darker darkest Quick quicker quickest fast faster fastest

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Verb: good
Comparative: better
Superlative: best

Verb: dark
Comparative: darker
Superlative: darkest

Verb: light
Comparative: lighter
Superlative: lightest

Verb: tall
Comparative: taller
Superlative: tallest

Verb: short
Comparative: shorter
Superlative: shortest

Verb: bright
Comparative: brighter
Superlative: brightest

Verb: hard
Comparative: harder
Superlative: hardest

Verb: easy
Comparative: easier
Superlative: easiest

Verb: heavy
Comparative: heavier
Superlative: heaviest

Verb: thick
Comparative: thicker
Superlative: thickest

Verb: thin
Comparative: thinner
Superlative: thinnest

Verb: big
Comparative: bigger
Superlative: biggest

Verb: small
Comparative: smaller
Superlative: smallest

Verb: large
Comparative: larger
Superlative: largest

Verb: high
Comparative: higher
Superlative: highest

Verb: graceful
Comparative: more graceful
Superlative: most graceful

Verb: kind
Comparative: kinder
Superlative: kindest

Verb: intelligent
Comparative: more intelligent
Superlative: most intelligent

Verb: quick
Comparative: quicker
Superlative: quickest

Verb: cute
Comparative: cuter
Superlative: cutest