You should first ask what is her problem .you should join with her and make her mingle with you and other friends ,or share your ideas and plans about your homework.if this is not working ,you may ask their parents to consult a nuerologist or a psychologist.because even my friend also had the same the same problem he won't talk with anyone keeps silent ,but one day only we came to know that he is having appendix problem.
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In this case whqt is the work of  neurologist and physiologist
Sry psychologist
what might be the reason for this
what you can say or do to encourage your friend to interact with others
could you give the answers as soon as possible because I needed it too much because I'm a student of the live in the class and I need it mostly for the ASL
I would surely tell her/him to take part and say this can give u soo many opportunities so why to let that great big chance go.This can be even your lives turning point.If you have the talent and abilities then bring it forward. no one will make fun of you.Until and unless you take your talent out nobody will know how good are you.
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