Guys i need some questions on simple interest for class 7. it can have principal..rate..amount..time..and the question should be applicable for 7th grade. questions should be like find the principal and all. plzzzzzz

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Some questions related to simple interest are -
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1)If Mr Roy gives an interest of Rs 40 for one year at 8% rate p.a. What is the sum he has borrowed?
What rate gives Rs 432 as interest on a sum of Rs 240 in 6 years?
Find the amount to be paid at the end of 2 years if principle = rs 1444 and rate of interest = 12% p.a
4)Rs 7700 is borrowed at 11.2% rate of interest p.a. borrowed for 3 years. Find the amount to be paid at the end of the third year.

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