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I wish many things for my country. my first wish is may my country be peaceful. the reason is that if my country is peaceful there will be no fight, no misunderstanding between humans, no greed will be left,no war because of which women are widowed , and children are orphaned  and everyone will be very second wish is that my country should progress so that no person will be left poor in road sides and no children would be left for searching food. i wish my country to be a beautiful,peaceful,joyful, and lovely place where everyone would wish to come.

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We all have different views and wishes for our own country India. Many of our wishes may be common and we try our best to fulfil our wish for our country. Trying to fulfil our wishes will in turn improve the conditions of the country and make it a better one. India will be the best only when people living in it will try to make it so.

I wish many things for my country; India. Some of my wishes are: a peaceful country, an educated country, a country whose citizens are loving, caring and understanding and many more. The utmost wish of mine for my country is to establish a secular country. We all know that according to our Indian constitution, India is a secular country. This is just a written rule but in real, India is not secular.

There are many disputes between people of different religionsespecially between the Hindus and the Muslims. They need to understand that we are all Indians in spite of belonging to different religions. We fight unnecessarily just because others poke us to do so. I want to clear all the misunderstandings between them. I will tell them the importance of unity. When united, we can overcome any problem. This is what I want to make them know. I am sure that I will be able to unite India but I will do so when I grow up.