1st deed which i did was helping my friend over come her self confidence. My friend use to always say that 'i cannot do it ! i will fail! i don't know how to do it' these were the words which always made her lose her confidence. One day i told her to do a maths sum for me but she refused and said ' i cannot do it you know better than me you solve please'. The next day i again went to her and said'i don't know this sum please help and she wrote the sum own her own.
i said her that this was only the confidence which you were hiding within yourself.Try to use it

my 2nd deed was i didn't study for the upcoming test , i thought to myself that i can do the test very easily without preparing and didn't study that chapter. The next day when teacher gave the test i was surprised that i didn't get any of the answer. I left the whole page blank. After coming home i cried a lot and was upset for the whole . I understood that i should never have over confidence within me
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