The Merits of Democracy are :

1. An Ethical concept
2. Responsiveness
3. Patriotism
4. Reduction of Danger of Revolution 
5. Ennoblement of people 
6. Cooperation between the specialist laymen 
7. The best form of all government 
8. Responsibility 
9. Alike considerations for all  citizens 
10. Public Education

The Demerits of Democracy are:

1. Rule of ignorance 
2. Rule of the Political parties 
3. Expensive
4. Government of the people not practicable
5. Corruption and bribery 
6. Cult of incompetence 
7. Rule of irresponsible multitude 
8. Slow economic growth and economic development 
9. Role of mass media dominates the inform decision making by the people 
10. Psychological case against democracy 
Ans. The merits of democracy are as follows: 1. it is a more accountable form of government 2. it improves the quality of decision making 3. It provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts. 4. It enhances the dignity of the citizens. It allows us to correct our own mistakes. De merits 1.Instability of the government due to frequent changing of leaders. 2. delay in implementation of plans as they are to be consulted by many people. 3.Bad decisions taken by the leaders 4.Leads to corruption as it is based on electoral competition.