Wow, today's topic seems to be very interesting. Almost all the children love to play games and some people are athletes. These two words that are sports and games are not so simple they look like. They play a very important role in our life. I will like to start with a very simple question? What are sports and games? An activity which involves physical activity and skill is called sports. Sports can also be called as a competitive activity. It needs a lot of perseverance. A game is an activity in which you take part for amusement. There should not be much competition while playing games. There should be a lot of fun and enjoyment. Now, I will talk about today’s world. This world has become so busy. There is no time for any other activities than going to office, school, collage, tuition etc. I hope you all agree to me, it’s the truth of today's world.

Almost 95% parents want their child to become what they want to make their child. I think this is not fair.i hope you all think the same as me.
There are very few parents who give their child the freedom to be what he or she wants to be.

Because of all these, we forget a very important thing. That is sports and games. It keeps us fit but we still neglect sports and games.
Games make our memory sharper as well. We should play at least for 1 hour a day. This will definitely help us become stronger and, keep all your work aside for one hour and start playing.  
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