On the way of school for an exam i will see injured kitten it is badly hurt and needs medical attentions but i do not want to be a late for my exan people around it do nots seen to help him. what i will do? how i will handle conce quences? conversation between two person




I am here giving the solutions.The conversation depends on you. and your creativity.

As you are just in the way of school for an exam you surely can't spare much time for the injured kitten. You have to decide for  solution too fast.So what would you do? Leave the kitten? Of course not, the kitten is so injured! Then, take it to the hospital? No ways, It will take a lot of time! The best solution?
Well, the best solution is first to ask the people around you. Ask them for help...If they can do something about it, take it to a hospital or first aid it. If you don't find anyone, just take it to your school. No more waste of time! There you can ask the doctor to first aid the kitten. Then you can give your exam. in the school.It is far better than wandering about and finding a veterinary doctor.In this kind of situations it's needed to find some solutions fast.No need of wasting time thinking.
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First of all try asking people around u for help but if they refuse u then ask ur friends to come there and help the kitten but if they also refused u then call ur parents there and tell them to take that kitten to hospital. or take that kitten to ur school and tell doctor or the nurse of ur school to first aid the kitten then go to ur class and do ezams
this is the best way instead of wandering around in search of an doctor
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