If your in government or a positionof authority such as a teacher in a primary school make the topic part of each lesson - in English thestudents can write essays on what to to with household rubbish,and then what to do when you are out at shops etc. In Religious studies discussions can be centred on the good feelings we feel when we put rubbish in the bin and keep our surroundings clean. In Social Studies they can look at how different cultures deal with sanitation. In Science the students can invent new types of recycling techniques. In History they can look at what happened inthe past with rubbish and bodily wastes and discuss how bad habits led to disease.Working with children is the best way to go - they think they feel as though they are discovering something new and saving their world at the save time.Remember to always keep it positive - praise positive efforts, thereby eliminating the negative.
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U can motivate and encourage them by telling them the importance of Cleanliness and remember that keep it positive - praise positive efforts, there by eliminating the negative thoughts. Even tell them that it is our country and we will only suffer if we spoil it. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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