A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal at 06:11 UTC on 25 April 2015.The epicentre was about 80km North Westof the capital Kathmandu. Several aftershocks have occurred since then, notably a 6.6 magnitude aftershock around30 min after yesterday’s main event and another one of 6.7 magnitude at 07.09 UTCtoday. The EU-UN Global Disaster Alert andCoordination System (GDACS) issued a RED alert (implying a serious disaster that will probably require international assistance) at 06:18 UTC, 7 minutes after the occurrence of the main earthquake event. The Union’s Copernicus Emergency Management System was activated on 25 April
                                       Nepal Earthquake  

Natural calamities are occurrences, events or phenomenons that happen of their own accord. Some very common examples are hurricanes, floods, earthquakes etc.they cause great disaster to both human lives and nature.

 The most recent earthquake took place in Kathmandu, Nepal on 25th of April, 2015 around 11:30 was a severe one with a maximum merculli intensity of is also known as the Gorkha Earthquake. The condition of Nepal and its citizens was very bad. Officially around 8452 people died and 19009 people were severely injured. Many people were made homeless. Centuries old buildings were destroyed. Some monuments include Kathmandu durbar square, the patan durbar square etc.

 There were many aftershocks among which the one that occurred on 26th April was a severe one with a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale. A second major earthquake occurred on 12th May, 2015.more than 200 people were killed and more than 2500 were injured by this aftershock. These few continuous days were the worst ones for the people of Nepal and the neighbouring countries of Nepal.

 I hope that such a natural disaster would not take place on earth.
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